Shingle-Topped Shop Owners In California: Is Your Roof Ready For El Nino Rains?

Posted on: 29 January 2016

Are you a shingle-topped shop owner in California? If so, you likely haven't spent too much time worrying about roof leaks during the last four years of drought. But with an incredibly strong El Nino brewing over the Indian Ocean with bizarre weather patterns that are expected to last into spring (or even for a year or more) it may be time to get concerned about the condition of your roof.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure your shingle roof is ready, should El Nino unleash loads of rain on California.

Get It Inspected

Your roof can take a real hit in times of drought. The hot air dries and cracks the sealant used on your roof. Eventually, the sealant fails and rainwater makes its way into your shop. Not only can a leak cause structural damage, but it can ruin your products, too. Furthermore, water on the floor means more opportunity for your customers to have slip and fall accidents, increasing the chances of your business facing liability suits. 

All of these things can be prevented by giving a commercial roofer a call and having them inspect your roof for damage. Do it now–if your roof needs repair, you can get that repair taken care of before heavy rainfall.

Consider A Coating

Your shop roof's shingles are coated with asphalt to make them water-resistant, and most shingle roofs come with a warranty that's good for between 20 years and the lifetime of the roof. If your shop's shingle roof is relatively new, you probably don't have to worry about having a protective coating applied to it.

If your roof is nearing its warranty's end, though, or is showing signs of wear, then you really should ask your commercial roofer to apply a protective coating. It's a quick and easy job for them; they spray or roll an oil-based coating right over the top of the shingles. The coating restores the natural waterproof oils in the asphalt coating.

Consider An Extended Warranty

If you have a 20-year manufacturer's warranty on your shingles that hasn't run out yet, you may be eligible for an extended warranty. The extended warranties for asphalt shingles are usually excellent, often lasting 40 years and covering everything from the tear-off and disposal of old shingles to the materials and labor costs of new ones. Contact the roofer who installed your shop's roof to find out if you're eligible. If so, ask for a copy of the terms to examine so that you can determine if you want the extended warranty.

Inspect After Downpours

You don't have to call a roofer to come and inspect your roof every time it rains, but you should make the effort to do your own mini-inspection if the weather gets especially intense. If you get a huge rain storm with downpours and heavy wind, climb up on your roof and have a look around for any missing, chipped, cracked, or warped shingles. While you're at it, examine your flashings for any signs of obvious damage. Your flashings are all the strips of metal that you see where your shingles butt up against other surfaces, such as dormers, chimneys, or vent pipes. 

If your area experiences winds or rains that are torrential enough to cause immediate damage to your shop's roof, you'll notice that damage with this quick inspection and you can call your roofer to take care of the rest.

Will a strong El Nino currently in effect and expected to last for months to come, now is the time to make sure your shop's roof is up to par. For more information, click the following link and check it out.