Enhance Your Home's Traditional Architecture With a Copper Roof

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Are you looking for a way to take your home's traditional look to the next level? The roof is a good area to focus on. A plain asphalt shingle or steel roof may look a bit out of place and too modern on a traditional home, but there's another roofing type that will look charming: copper. Copper roofing offers numerous benefits in addition to its good looks.

Character and Charm

When a copper roof is new, it has a warm, shiny look like that of a new penny. As it ages, it develops a unique greenish patina. The Statue of Liberty is a good example of aged copper with a green patina. When it is both aged and new, copper has a natural appeal which makes it ideal for traditional homes -- especially those made in a Craftsman or European style. With a copper roof, your home will have similar class to the Historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, the Wales Millennium Center, and the Berlin Cathedral Church -- all of which are topped with fashionable copper roofs.

Long Lifespan

If you replace your current roof with a copper one, you'll never have to worry about getting another new roof again. Neither will the people who live in your home after you, or the residents after that, or the residents after that. Copper roofs last for hundreds of years. The rest of your home will probably be long gone before the copper roof reaches the end of its lifespan. Not only is this great for convenience reasons (who wants to schedule another roof replacement?), but it's also good for the environment. Disposing of one roof now and then never having to replace your roof again generates less waste than putting a new asphalt shingle roof on your home every 15 - 30 years.

Storm Resistance

Copper is sturdy and impervious to damage. You don't have to worry about a copper roof blowing off in high winds or about hail causing dents in the metal. Melting and re-freezing snow won't pry the roofing panels off your home as it may with lighter materials, like aluminum and asphalt shingles. You will want to check with an engineer to ensure that your home is built to support the weight of a copper roof, but as long as your foundation is in sound condition and your home was designed by a knowledgeable architect, chances are pretty good that the weight won't be an issue.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Copper is essentially maintenance-free. Once the roof is on your home, you don't have to do anything to it -- no painting, coating, scrubbing, or re-finishing. It does not rust or corrode like some other metals may, and it does not develop mold or algae growth.

Energy Efficiency

When copper is new and still has a bright, metallic sheen, it reflects light very well. As a result, your home will stay cooler in the summer and your cooling bills will decrease. As it ages and develops a green patina, it is still light in color. Light colors reflect a lot more light and heat than dark colors, so your cooling bills will still be lower with an aged copper roof than with a dark-colored roof made from some other material.

Copper roofs are not cheap. You can expect to pay up to $18 per square foot for a quality copper roof. However, you really are getting a lot for your money. Your home will look classic and attractive, you'll never have to replace your roof again, and you can forget about roofing repairs and maintenance. Talk to a roofing contractor, such as Acoma Roofing, to learn more about copper and how it can enhance the look of your traditional home.