Lower Your Store's AC Bills And Keep More Of Your Profits

Posted on: 15 June 2016

Because it's responsible for keeping your customers cool and comfortable while they shop, air conditioning is a feature you can't afford to skimp on. If you can't keep indoor temperatures cozy throughout the day, chances are that your customers won't stick around for long to browse your store's shelves. While air conditioning expenses are inevitable, there are a few things you can do to make sure that they don't cut into your company's overall profit margins. Consider implementing the following tips and tricks to decrease your store's yearly air conditioner costs and therefore increase your profits:

Make Some Roof Updates

An excellent way to protect your store from unnecessary heat gain and to maintain low cooling costs year-round is to have your roof retrofitted with heat reflective material if possible. If your roof can't be retrofitted, you can have your service provide cover it with tile coating or another type of waterproof surface that fits your needs. If you can afford an overall roof replacement, consider investing in a "cool" roof that is designed to reflect heat from the sun and lower your roof's overall temperature by as much as 50 degrees.

If your store's roof is flat or shallow-pitted, consider implementing a "green" roof instead – this involves the use of various plant covers and gardens to insulate the roof and improve rainwater management. Keep in mind that you'll need to design a safe access route to the roof for garden care if you decide to create a "green" roof.

For help with updating your roof, contact a company like Select Exteriors.

Plant Some Deciduous Trees

By planting a few deciduous trees near your store, you can reduce your air conditioner costs by up to 30 percent in the summer and lower your heating costs in the winter by up to a whopping 50 percent. Deciduous trees have large lush leaves in the summer that will shade your store from the sun's heat. They lose their leaves in the winter and let the sun support your heater by naturally warming things up inside. Plant your trees near windows and entryways that get direct sunlight during the day, as well as in front of your exterior HVAC unit.

There are a variety of attractive options that should increase your curb appeal once in place – consider incorporating one or more of the following trees into your landscape:

  • Sweet Gum

  • Red Maple

  • Discovery Elm

  • Yellow Poplar

Make sure you know how large your chosen trees will get at maturity so you can plant them far enough from your building that their branches won't fall onto the roof if they break off for some reason once they're full grown.

Improve Your Window Performance

Sealing the air leaks around your windows is a cost-effective way to lower your air conditioning costs and maintain superior humidity control inside your store. You can seal all the leaks by using spray foam insulation or caulking between the window panes and frames and on any areas of the frames where obvious cracks and chips are found. Once the caulking or spray foam insulation dries, use some sandpaper to give the frames a smooth and finished look.

You can also dress your windows up with insulation film to block solar gain and heat transfer throughout the day. Window insulation film comes in a variety of shades, designs, and colors that should make it easy to create a unique look for your store. But it's a good idea to consider performance over aesthetics, as you may qualify for tax credits by choosing insulation film that is specifically designed to decrease heat loss and gain.

These energy efficient updates options should help lower your company's overhead costs, increase your store's appeal, and help keep customers comfortable without having to wear your air conditioner out.