The Problems That Develop Due To Poor Attic Ventilation And How To Correct Them

Posted on: 8 March 2017

The vents on the backs of roofs that look like the backs of turtles are used to allow air to escape from the attic. With newer homes, modern solutions like ridge vents have been used to replace the old Turtle-Backs. The problem with the newer sleek solutions is that they are often installed correctly or just do not provide enough ventilation for attics, which can lead to problems. Here are some of the problems that poor ventilation may be the cause of in your home:

1. Attic Heat Leading to Melting Shingles During Hot Summer Days

The lack of attic ventilation causes homes to heat up during the summer months. Since the materials of asphalt shingles are dark colored, they absorb heat. As your roofing absorbs the heat, your attic continues to get hotter during the hot summer months. Eventually, the heat in your attic will cause shingles to begin to melt, shortening their life and causing you to need a complete roof replacement sooner than expected. Make sure you have adequate ventilation to prevent shingle melting in areas with extremely hot summer weather.

2. Excess Attic Heat That Causes Snow to Melt and Ice Dams to Form

Excess attic heat can also be a problem during the late winter months. Snowfall on your roof, the heat in your attic causes it to melt. Since the area at the lower portions of your roof are usually colder, because hot air rises, ice dams form. The ice dams cause damage to shingles and extra wear. In addition to adequate ventilation to prevent ice dams, you also want to have good insulation to keep heat out of the attic and in the living space of your home.

3. The Moisture and Humidity Being Trapped and Causing Dry Rot In The Attic

Dry rot in an attic is not actually caused by dry air; it is caused by heat and high humidity. The moisture that is trapped in your attic causes fungus to grow on wood and organic materials; eventually causing them to rot and become leak. These problems can be the source of leak and unsightly defects on the surface of your roof. If you have a dry rot in the attic of your home, poor ventilation may be the cause of the problem.

These are some of the problems that poor ventilation can be the cause of with roofs and attic ventilation. Contact a roofing contractor to help with repairs and adding the correct ventilation to keep your roof trouble-free. For more information, contact a business such as Darnell Construction.