4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Metal Roof

Posted on: 13 March 2017

As a homeowner with a metal roof, knowing when you need to make roofing repairs is essential for getting the most life out of the roof. Metal roofing should last you much longer than other materials, but this is only the case if you are making repairs when it's necessary. Here are four signs that you need to repair your metal roof:

There's a Leak: A leak is an obvious sign that you need repairs—but not just any repairs. You need professional repairs. Patching a metal roof on your own can be complicated because the material does not require the regular roof patching you would find at your local home good store. The professional will be able to patch the metal with metal to prevent any water from seeping through the seams. This is the best way to repair a metal roof leak. Be sure to have regular inspections to avoid leaks from becoming noticeable. A professional can find a leak before it causes water damage in your home or grows bigger. 

There Are Loose Seams: Loose seams are a problem because it can leave room for condensation buildup. This is why these need to be repaired right away. Loose seams are fairly common with a metal roof because metal expands and contracts over time. This is just another reason it's so important to have regular inspections. 

There Is Pooled Water:  Water that pools on your roof should be repaired structurally by a professional. If you have to wait a day or two before the professionals can get to you, it's best to remove the pooled water if you can to prevent it from causing water damage and putting too much pressure on the metal roof. 

There's Rust:  If there is rusting on the roof, you actually need to replace the metal roof altogether. This is important because the rust causes the roof to no longer be structurally sound. To prevent rust, it's best to have the professionals seal it with a waterproofing agent. These will ensure that the roof does not suffer from rust, which is important because you want to prevent having to replace your roof sooner rather than later. This is especially important if you live in wet conditions. 

When you recognize these four signs that you need to repair your metal roof, you can be sure that you do what you need to prolong the life of your metal roof.