Easy Tips To Help With Removing And Replacing Shingles For Simple Repairs

Posted on: 15 March 2017

When your roof has damage to just one area or a few shingles, costly repairs are usually not needed. Some of the repairs you may even want to do yourself. The best way to repair damaged shingles is to remove them and replace them. You will need the right tools and matching shingles to do repairs to your roof. Here are some tips to help you easily remove and replace damaged shingles to save on maintenance and repairs:

1. Locating and Marking Damaged Areas for Repairs

The first step to repairing damaged shingles is to locate the cause of the problem. If the problem is obvious, you will be able to start doing the repairs. If you cannot see the problem, use water to locate leaks; adding soap to the water will create bubbles and make leaks more visible. Mark any damage you find with a piece of chalk to come back and do the repair later. Do not get on the roof for repairs while it is wet; especially if you used soapy water. Wait. Then, when the roof is dry, you will be ready to start doing the repairs.

2. Using A Flat-bar To Remove Damaged Shingles and Clean Repair Area

Flat bars are a common tool in a roofer's toolbelt. It is a small flat piece of metal with hooks on the ends to pry nails loose. The edges of a flat-bar are sharp, so be careful. Use the straight side of the bar to cut beneath the damaged shingle and pry it up. If the shingle feels like it is stuck to the roof, move the bar from side to side to work the shingle loose until you get to the top of the shingle where it is nailed. You will feel the location of the nails when you hit them with the bar. Once the nails are out of the shingle, slide it out of the row by moving it from side to side.

3. Installing the New Shingle to Prevent Leaks and Other Problems

Once the damaged shingle has been removed, you will need to put the new shingle in its place. Before you do, work the tabs loose on adjacent shingles, but be careful not to damage them. Slide the new shingle back into the vacant area and line it up with the tabs of the adjacent shingles. Nail the shingle on the line above the tabs, which is called a nail-line and it is usually clearly marked on asphalt shingles. Make sure to not nail shingles too low, because this will cause leaks.

These are some tips that will help you save on the maintenance and repairs to your asphalt shingles. If you need help with roof repairs to your home, contact a roofing contractor or handyman to help with the bigger repair jobs.