Remove Dents From Vinyl Siding On Your Garage

Posted on: 20 August 2017

If you accidentally backed your truck into the side of your garage and two vinyl siding pieces on the structure's exterior are dented as a result, complete the following steps to remove the dents and clean the siding pieces:


  • metal pry bar
  • power drill
  • drill bit
  • long screw
  • pliers
  • sponge
  • vinyl cleaner
  • lint-free cloth
  • tube of metal filler
  • putty knife
  • hand sander
  • sandpaper
  • touch up paint
  • clear sealer
  • paintbrushes

Remove The Dents

Inspect the damaged siding pieces. If the dents are near the edges of the siding, insert the tip of a metal pry bar under the damaged portions. Grip the pry bar's handle and move it slightly upwards to assist with removing the dents. Slide the tip of the pry bar under another portion of the siding that is dented and move the tool's handle. Complete this process until the siding pieces are no longer dented.

If the dents are in the center of vinyl siding pieces, use a power drill to insert a long screw into the siding. Secure a pair of plier's blades around the end of the screw and pull the screw while the pliers remain around the hardware's end. After eliminating a dent, drill another hole through another damaged piece of the siding and remove the dent by gripping pliers around the end of the screw and pulling the pliers toward your body. 

Clean Siding Pieces And Apply Metal Filler

Pour a vinyl cleaning agent onto a damp sponge. Move the sponge across vinyl siding that is dirty. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the siding. Insert the tip of a tube of metal filler in one of the holes that were made with the drill. Squeeze the tube of filler to release the product into the hole. Fill remaining holes in the siding by squeezing metal filler into them. Move a putty knife across the siding pieces.

After the filler dries, lightly sand the siding pieces until they are smooth. Use a tack cloth to remove residue from the vinyl. If the siding pieces were previously painted, purchase a small can of touch up paint that is the same color as the original color of paint that was used to paint the siding pieces. Use a narrow paintbrush to apply paint over the siding that was repaired with metal filler. After the paint dries, use a clean paintbrush to apply a clear coat of sealer over the siding.

Contact a siding repair company for more information and assistance.