Your Home's Exterior Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted on: 4 October 2017

The start of spring is a wonderful time to take care of some outdoor maintenance that you have been putting off all winter. It gives you the opportunity to prep your home's exterior for the warm summer weather, as well as make necessary repairs that were caused by winter weather. The process starts by cleaning the exterior to discover places that need repair, which involves cleaning the following things:


Chances are that your gutters have filled up with all kinds of dirt and debris from the winter weather, which will cause issues such as drainage problems that can damage the roof of your home. That is why you need to take the time to thoroughly clean out your gutters each and every spring. Not only is it good for drainage, but it can help find those areas that need repairs, such as cracks in the gutters or missing fasteners.

Cleaning out your home's gutters can be quite dangerous, especially if you have a tall home which requires a heavy duty ladder to reach. Consider reaching out to a local gutter company that will take care of it all for you. Not only can they get all that grime removed from your gutters, but they can look for repairs that need to be made as well. You'll be taking care of two problems at once, all while not needing to climb up a ladder.


Your home's windows will most likely be filthy after all the exposure to snow and rain during the winter months. Cleaning the windows requires more work than getting out the Windex and some paper towels. Plan to clean the exterior glass with a spray cleaning solution that attaches to a hose and a squeegee on an extension handle. You'll be able to reach past bushes with ease and even get those windows clean on the second floor that have most likely not been cleaned in years.

Vinyl Siding

The tricky thing about cleaning vinyl siding is that it must be done in sections. If you wash an entire side of your home with soap and water, that dirty water may dry due to the sun by the time you get to rinse it off with your hose.

Stick to washing and rinsing in small sections, and plan to scrub the siding with a brush rather than use a power washer. You do not want to accidentally damage the siding by using a stream of water that is too strong for the material to withstand.

Contact a professional gutter service for more information and assistance.