3 Parts Of Your Roof That May Fail First

Posted on: 17 November 2017

If your roof is getting more advanced in age, you need to keep a close eye on it. There are parts of your roof that may start to age before other parts, so you will need to keep a closer eye on those parts. Doing maintenance on the parts of your roof that age more quickly will extend the overall life of your roof and allow you to replace your roof when you have the funds to do so.

#1 Vents

The first part of your roof that you need to pay attention to are the vents and pipes on your roof. Since your roofing material had to be custom cut to fit around the vents and pipes that come out of your roof, and the material does not run continuously in these areas, there is a bigger chance that water could get into your roof around the vents and pipes.

Also, keep an eye on the vent and pipe coverings. These coverings are often made out of a combination of metal and plastic material. The coverings may break down before your actual roof does. If the coverings get worn down, you may need to have them replaced.

#2 Valleys

The second part of your roof that you need to pay attention to are the valleys on your roof. The valleys on your roof are areas where two sides of your roof meet together and create a slope. Significant amounts of water may run down the valley of your roof. This can cause the shingles in this area to get worn down at an accelerated rate.

If you notice the shingles are getting worn down, you may want to have the valley on your roof replaced. This is much more affordable than replacing your entire roof, and doing so will help protect your roof from developing leaks.

#3 Gutters

Third, your gutters have to carry a lot of weight. Your gutters carry lots of leave debris and other junk inside of them. They have to hold up lots of water as well. Keep an eye on your gutters. Make sure that they stay properly attached to your home. If the gutters do not stay properly attached to your home, get them fixed. It can be easy to reattach gutters if you deal with it right away.

If you let the gutters stay unattached for an extended period of time, water will flow down the side of your home and ruin the fascia, which is the material on the side of your home right where your roof meets with your house.

Keep an eye on your roof vents, valleys, and gutters. Make upgrades and fix these important fixtures on your home as they wear down. Doing this will extend the overall usable life of your roof and allow you to save up to properly replace your roof when the time is right. For more information and help with assessing your roof, contact a professional roofing contractor company, such as Landmark Roofing.