4 Pros And Cons Of An Asphalt Shingle Overlay

Posted on: 24 January 2018

If your asphalt roof is getting old or showing signs of damage, you may be considering a new roof. However, there is another option: an overlay. With an overlay, new shingles are placed on the old ones, protecting the roof again. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this, so find out if it is the right choice for you.

Pro: They Cost Less

Installing a new roof takes work because the old shingles must be removed, and any repairs must be made. Therefore, you must pay for that extra work and, in some cases, a dumpster to haul the old shingles away. With an overlay, there is no waste and less work to perform. In addition, on average, you can expect to save $1000 if you get an overlay instead of a new roof.

Pro: Your Home Is Less Vulnerable

One problem with getting a new roof is that while there are no shingles on your home, your roof is extremely vulnerable, especially to rain and wind. On top of that, installing a new roof takes longer because there is more work, so you must choose a time when the weather is expected to be good. During an overlay, the roof is protected the entire time because it still has the old shingles.

Con: Damaged Decking Can't Be Repaired

One of the reasons a new roof takes longer and costs more is because damage to the decking must be repaired if necessary. This is important because if there is damage to the underlying structure of the roof, it doesn't matter how new your shingles are, the roof will be vulnerable. With an overlay, the roofers can't see or fix damage to the decking, so you may be wasting money on an overlay that won't last long.

Con: There Are Limits on Overlays

You can't keep getting overlays. Local laws usually put limits on how many overlays a roof can have. This is largely because most homes don't have the strength to support heavy roofs, and while asphalt is light, the weight increases with every layer. Therefore, if your roof already has multiple layers (even if they are from previous owners), you may not be able to get an overlay.

It's important to ensure your roof is well maintained and replaced when necessary because it protects your home. An overlay may be an affordable alternative if there is no damage to your roof decking. For more information regarding roofing repair or overlays, contact a roofer in your area today.