When Reroofing Might Be A Good Option For Your Home

Posted on: 15 February 2018

If your roof is getting old, you may be planning to have a new roof put on. When you call for an estimate for the job, the roofing contractor may ask if you want a roof replacement or reroof. A reroof places a new roof on top of the old one, while a replacement roof requires tearing off the old one first. A reroof can save money, but it isn't always the best choice. Here's when it could be a good idea.

When It Is Allowed By Local Codes

There could be state or county codes that govern whether you can have a new roof placed over an existing roof. The codes may state how many layers of roofing you can have as well as how many layers are allowed for different pitches of roofs. The codes may also state whether you can apply metal over asphalt or only asphalt over asphalt. So, the first step is to know how many layers are on your roof now and how many are allowed in your jurisdiction. The roofing contractor can inspect your house to find out how many layers of roofing you have, and of course, a contractor will know local code regulations.

When The Old Roof Has No Damage

Your old roof may need a few minor repairs before a new roof can be put on top of it, but if it has many curled or damaged shingles, a reroof might not work. The new shingles have to be able to lay flat on the roof. They have to be a match when it comes to size and shape so they won't lift off in strong wind. The old layer of roofing can add an extra barrier against rain and leaks, but it only works if the new layer can be put on so they stay flat and tight. In addition, the roof deck has to be in good shape. This is one reason some jurisdictions require all old roofing to be torn off, so the deck can be inspected closely for damage. Your contractor can tell by walking on the deck and examining it in spots if it is decayed or still strong and sturdy.

Reroofing can save time and money when you get a new roof, but you only want to have it done if your roof is a good candidate for it or your roof may not last as long. When a new layer of roofing is placed on your home properly, it lasts just as long as a replacement roof and the shingles will still be covered under warranty. So, even if you want a reroof, it will ultimately be up to the roofing contractor who inspects your old roof and decides if it is a suitable option.