Two Questions About Roof Maintenance

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Your home's roof is a crucial part of its structure, yet it is not something you probably think about until there is a problem. While this can be typical of homeowners, you do want to pay attention to roof maintenance if you want the roof to be problem free for as long as possible. A lack of maintenance is what often leads to expensive and unnecessary roof repair after years of neglect. Here are two questions you may have about maintaining your roof.

What Are Roof Seams and What Maintenance Is Required For Them?

A roof seam is where your roofing material overlaps and intersects. This is something that is unavoidable with materials like asphalt shingles, and it forms a point where the roofing material is weak. Moisture can seep underneath the shingles, which will cause damage that requires serious repair. Roof rot and mold are all possibilities when water gets under your shingles.

Thankfully, this issue can be prevented if you stay on top of those roof seams and ensure that they are sealed. It's an easy task that can be done on your own or by a roofing professional. A sealant layer is applied on those seams that prevent water from getting underneath the roofing material. You can visually inspect this layer to see if the sealant has deteriorated or if shingles have become loose, and then take appropriate action.

Does A Chimney Require Its Own Maintenance?

While a chimney can do wonders to keep your home warm, having one means that you need to take some additional steps for roof maintenance. It's a mistake that homeowners make due to a lack of knowledge about what needs to be done.

Any item that protrudes out of your roof will be a place where water can find a way in. This is prevented with flashing that covers the area where the two objects meet. Unfortunately, flashing can deteriorate over time, or pull back from the chimney and leave the area exposed to water damage. Flashing should be inspected for damage, and repaired or replaced as necessary to ensure that it is keeping water out.

You should also get a chimney inspection to make sure that it is doing its job to keep moisture away from the exterior bricks. Moisture leaks from a cracked chimney liner can cause the bricks to start turning white. This is known as efflorescence and caused by the salt in the moisture that is able to reach those bricks.

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