Spring Is Here! Know What Maintenance Should Be Done To Your Roof

Posted on: 9 May 2018

Now that the warm weather of spring has finally arrived, it is time to start taking on those outdoor projects that you haven't been able to get to. One project on your list of things to do should be roof maintenance. Here are some things you can do to ensure that the roof is in great shape.

Clean The Gutters

Start by cleaning out your gutters to ensure that they are clear of any debris for the upcoming spring. Leaving debris in the gutters can cause them to become heavy with all the weight, which only become worse when water becomes trapped inside. Water not only needs to drain to keep it away from your roof, but to prevent the weight from water from tearing down your gutters.

You'll want to get out the ladder so you can get up close to your gutters. Reach into the gutters your hands and just pick up all the debris inside that has been causing clogs. When finished, flush out the loose debris with your hose. You should see all of the loose debris follow the flow of the water and exit your gutters through the downspout.

Remove Fallen Branches

Are there any small branches that have fallen onto the roof? You'll want to remove those too. While they may seem innocent, leaves can easily become trapped around them, which will eventually cause mold to grow. This happens when a part of your roof become wet and damp, which create the perfect growing conditions for mold.

Inspect The Surface

When up on the roof with your ladder, it is a great time to inspect the surface of the roof for visual damage. Look for shingles that are curling, loose, ripped, or damaged. These can be replaced with new shingle material. You'll also want to look closely at flashing to see if it has detached itself from the home. Loose flashing should be secured by a professional to prevent it from being done improperly.

Look In The Attic

Sometimes roof damage is hard to spot from the outside. Take a closer look within your attic, which should help you see light coming through the roof where a leak exists. You may also see signs of mold and mildew from water and moisture damage.

For more information about what you should be looking for when inspecting a roof, call a local roofing company like National Roofing Of Collier Inc for assistance.