Safety Tips For DIY Commercial Roof Maintenance

Posted on: 28 August 2018

If you prefer to do the minor repairs your commercial building's roof requires rather than hiring a professional roofing contractor, then these tips will keep you and your staff safe during the process.

Tip: Never Work Alone or When the Roof is Wet

Just as when you are working on your home's roof, you should never work on your commercial building's roof alone. The reasons for this are twofold. First, you need to have someone else hold the ladder as you get on and off of the roof. Second, if something were to happen and you were to fall off of the roof, then you need someone present who can call for emergency assistance.

It is also important you never walk on your building's roof when it is wet. Wet roofs are slippery, and this introduces unnecessary risk for your project. Instead, wait for a sunny afternoon when the roof is warm and dry before you climb up to work.

Tip: Use a Safety Harness When You are on the Roof

Whether your commercial building has a flat roof or one with a steep slope, you absolutely must wear a safety harness while you are on it. The harness will protect you from falling off of the roof and will protect the people below you as well.

Tip: Cover Skylights to Prevent Fall-Through Danger

If your business's building has any skylights, then before working on the roof you should cover them with sheets of plywood. The plywood will keep you from accidentally stepping on a skylight and falling through it. Additionally, the plywood will also protect the skylights from damage from roofing materials or nails that might accidentally come into contact with them.

Tip: Stage Materials in a Safe Place on the Roof

When you stage your roofing shingles and tools on the roof, make sure you place them well away from the edge. Every year, people are injured by falling bundles of shingles staged too close to the edge of a roof.

Tip: Never Work on the Roof When Customers are Present

It's important you avoid working on the roof when customers are onsite. A miss fired nail from a nail gun or dropped materials from the roof could injure someone and result in a lawsuit if someone is injured.

A Final Note About DIY Roof Repairs

Roofing requires precision and special skills that many people don't adequately possess. If you start to feel overwhelmed or out of your element while fixing your business's roof, then, by all means, call in a professional roofer to assist you.

For more information, contact your local commercial roof services.