4 Tips To Avoid Serious Injuries When Doing Emergency Repairs To Wet Roofs

Posted on: 11 September 2018

Sometimes, when you need to do repairs to a roof, it may be an emergency. The roof that needs to be repaired may also have moisture or be wet due to weather conditions. When you are doing emergency repairs to a wet roof, you want to take extra precautions to prevent fall injuries. Here are some tips to help you avoid serious injuries when doing emergency repairs to wet roofs:

1. Evaluate Damage Around Your Home and on Your Roof

Before you get on your roof to do repairs, you want to evaluate the situation. Do a visual inspection for damage to trees and utility lines around the roof of your home. Repairs may need to be done to these areas before it's safe to get on your roof. On the roof, look out for areas with debris and loose materials. In addition, look for the best area to access your roof and get to the area that needs emergency repairs.

2. Wear the Right Clothing and Shoes Before Doing Repairs

When doing repairs to the roof, it is important that you wear the appropriate clothing and shoes. You want to make sure you wear long-sleeved shirts and thick pants that protect your skin from contacting the roofing materials. In addition, it is important that you wear soft-soled shoes to prevent slipping on moist roofing materials on the roof.

3. Be Cautious of Debris and Loose Materials That Cause Falls

When you get on your roof to do repairs, be mindful of your surroundings. You want to watch for damaged areas of roofing as well as loose debris from trees. Do not walk on any loose materials on the roof to avoid falling and injuring yourself. It is a good idea to take a broom and to remove loose materials if you must walk across an area with an excessive amount of debris.

4. Use the Appropriate Fall Protection Gear and Safety Harnesses

Using the appropriate fall protection gear is essential when doing roof repairs. You want to make sure that you have a safety harness and cordage that is designed for use in the construction industry. Today, these harnesses and cords are available from many home improvement stores. If you do a lot of your own maintenance on your roof, it is a good idea to invest in a good harness, anchors, and cordage.

These are some tips to help avoid fall injuries when doing emergency repairs on a wet roof. If your roof needs repairs (including re roofing), contact a professional roofing service for help, especially if the roof is wet or there are other dangers present that can cause serious injury.