Four Frequently Encountered Roof Problems And Damages

Posted on: 26 March 2019

There are many types of damage that your home's roof can sustain. Whenever your roof encounters some of these problems, being informed can make it easier for you to effectively limit the damage and problems that can follow these issues.

Winter Weather

Winter storms can be particularly harsh for roofing. The extreme colds can cause some of the roof components to potentially become more brittle, and the heavy weight from snow and ice accumulations can lead to severe structural damage. Homeowners will need to periodically inspect their home's roof during this time of the year to look for signs of damage or other issues that will need professional repairs. Preventing large deposits of snow and ice from gathering on the roof can also help with avoiding these problems, but it will require using a roof rake or other device to break up and pull these materials off the roof.

Chimney Problems

Damages to the chimney can lead to major roofing problems. The smoke and heat that comes out of the chimney can be extremely damaging to the wood, shingles and tiles that are used in modern roofs. If your home has a chimney, yearly cleanings and inspections will be required to allow potential problem spots in the chimney to be repaired before the roof suffers damage. When a chimney contractor discovers that there is damage to it, the portions of the roof that surround the chimney should be thoroughly inspected for damage.

Improper Gutter Maintenance

The gutters are a part of the roof that you may overlook in importance. Yet, issues with the gutters can allow substantial water damage to occur to the roof. This is due to the fact that gutters are designed to allow water to drain off the roof in a controlled way. When the gutters are compromised, the water can pool or take unanticipated paths. Both of these issues may allow the wooden components of the roof to develop extensive rot and mold. Having the gutters cleaned so that leaves can be removed will help to avoid this problem. However, you will also want to regularly observe the gutters during rain showers so that any leaks in the gutter system can be identified as they will need to be repaired to keep the system working effectively.  


Termites are one of the most significant threats that a homeowner will have to address. These small pests can cause severe and widespread damage before they are noticed by the homeowner. When you have your house treated for these pests, you should be sure to include the roof in these treatments. Otherwise, these pests may be able to make their way to the roof where they may go unnoticed until leaks or other damages occur.

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