Think You Have Hail Damage? Do The Following Two Things

Posted on: 15 April 2019

All it takes is a few moments of hail falling onto your roof to cause some damage. When the storm passes, you'll want to find out if your roof is suffering from damage, but not sure what you should be doing. Here are a few tips to follow if you think you have hail damage.

Inspect Your Roof On Your Own

You'll want to perform your own roof inspection by looking at the roof and the gutters. If you have visible dents in both places, it's an indication that there is serious damage that needs to be repaired. You shouldn't even need to climb onto your roof to see this type of damage. It should be visible by looking closely at the surface while on a ladder that is propped against your house.

When performing your visual inspection, look at the shingles themselves. Are there granules that are now missing? If so, this is damage that can only be fixed by replacing the shingles. You can also feel for damage by running your hands on top of your roof shingles. If it feels as if it is blistering and swelling, that is another indication of damage.

It is also worth looking in your home's attic for damage. If water got into your house, you will see water stains in the attic where water is slowly dripping inside. This is a strong indication that you could have a leak in the shingles, but it could also be due to damaged flashing.

Hire A Professional Roofer

Reach out to a local roofing contractor if you happen to notice any of the previously mentioned problems. You'll now need to have a formal roof inspection done to assess all the potential damages that were caused. You should be able to get a copy of an estimate that can be forwarded along to your home insurance provider to approve the repairs.

It will help to get multiple quotes to ensure that the right work is being done. Be weary about contractors that only recommend roof replacement, since it is one of the most expensive options to fix the damage. You should also look into any existing warranty that your roofing material has, since hail damage may be covered. This can help significantly reduce the cost of your roofing repair if new shingles are needed.

With these things in mind, you'll be able to successfully have your roof repaired after a hailstorm.