How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Asphalt Shingle Roof And Roof Repairs You Might Need

Posted on: 16 July 2019

Strong winds may not be too common, but all it takes is one bad storm with intense winds to cause roof destruction. Wind damage is often erratic. The destruction could be widespread or confined to a few shingles. Shingles that are already loose or weak are especially vulnerable to wind. Here are some ways strong wind can harm your roof and some roof repairs that might be needed once the storm passes.

Damages That Strong Winds Can Cause

Wind can cause different effects on your roof. The wind might be a driving force on one side as it pounds your roof while it creates suction in another place as the wind pulls away. Both of these forces can cause shingles to whip up and fly off the roof or come loose and dangle. A more insidious type of damage is when a shingle is lifted up and then falls back flat so it looks normal but allows rain to leak through.

Strong winds toss around anything in their path. Tree branches might blow against your roof and scrape the granules and lift shingles as they scoot across the surface. A heavy limb might even fall and bust through the deck of your roof and cause extensive damage. Very high winds might even knock bricks from your chimney that land on the roof and crack shingles.

Roof Repairs Your Home May Need

When unusually strong winds hit your area, it's a good idea to call a roofer to check your roof so any damage can be found before your roof starts leaking. Some repairs your roof may need include replacing missing or broken shingles and repairing damage to the deck. If many shingles are damaged, then the roofer may recommend replacing the roof. If you can't do the work right away, then ask the roofer to cover the damaged area with a tarp so it doesn't leak while you wait for repairs.

There's not much you can do to prevent wind damage. One thing that may help is to replace your roof when it gets old so it isn't so vulnerable to the wind. Also, keep trees trimmed so branches and limbs are away from the house. If you have advanced warning a bad storm is coming, then pick up clutter from your yard so it doesn't slam into your house or roof. If it turns out you need to have your roof replaced, then consider buying shingles rated for strong winds so the risk of wind damage is low for your new roof.