Benefits Of Solar Roofing For Micro And Tiny Homes

Posted on: 12 February 2021

If you are planning long-term living in a micro or tiny home you may also be considering your power options. If you are traveling, electric power sources may be viable depending on your campsites and travel locations. However, electric power can be costly and may not always be available during your stops. One way to ensure you have a power source regardless of your travel plans or location is to use solar shingle or panel roofing. Here are some benefits to this option you should consider. 

Reduced Power Costs

One of the leading reasons anyone turns to solar roofing is to reduce the costs of power usage. With a permanent foundation micro home, you can see the benefits of little to no power and the need for alternative resources during severe weather. If you are traveling in a tiny home, you will avoid the need for power hookups and the payment for these hookups. Keep in mind, depending on the time of year you may be paying much more for electrical hookups and the power they provide to your tiny home.

No Additional Storage

If you are using stand-alone solar panels, you have to find the storage for the panels. Not only do you need storage for these stand-alone panels, but you also need storage for the inverter and for any cords that run to the panels. If you have the panels or shingles installed onto the roof of your tiny or micro home, you do not need extensive storage. This leaves more storage in your already small living space. The only room that will be used will be for the inverter. 

Increased Home Value

The addition of solar panels can add to the value of the home and the ability to resell the home if you would like. Having pre-installed solar panels will allow the new buyer to reap the benefits of your solar power choice. If you are looking for a higher property value evaluation and appraisal, the solar panels can assist with that. If the home is on a permanent foundation, you may see several areas in the appraisal that are positively affected by the solar addition. 

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from solar roofing for your long term micro or tiny home living. If you choose to go with a solar option, contact your roofing contractor. Your roofer can help you with options, installation, and questions you have about solar power for your living situation.

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