• Benefits Of Solar Roofing For Micro And Tiny Homes

    If you are planning long-term living in a micro or tiny home you may also be considering your power options. If you are traveling, electric power sources may be viable depending on your campsites and travel locations. However, electric power can be costly and may not always be available during your stops. One way to ensure you have a power source regardless of your travel plans or location is to use solar shingle or panel roofing.
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  • Four Ways Squirrels Damage Roofs

    Squirrels may seem like cute, harmless animals that scamper through trees and frolic in the yard, but these small rodents can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your roof. It's vital that you learn how to spot squirrel damage so you can plan for a quick roof repair. Trimming back trees so they don't overhang the rood can reduce squirrel access and prevent some damage, but you still must remain vigilant to potential trouble.
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